Learning English is an endless journey.  Only those who are interested will continue to pursue this journey persistently and confidently.  We believe that it is unfair to deprive our younger generation from enjoying the process of acquiring knowledge, to suppress their originality solely to diminish their chance of making mistakes.  In fact, we view such mistakes to be the groundwork for a successful learning.

It is our belief that learning should be fun.  Our methodology of learning is achieved with dedication rather than memorization.  Memorizing is only a reflective mechanism which will lead to confusion, frustration and eventually abandonment.  Hence, we deeply believe that comprehension is of the utmost importance because once their confidence has been built; their intellectual curiosity will be woken.  Thereupon you will find them taking the initiatives to readily learn with enthusiasm.

We will continuously strive to provide an amusing and friendly environment for the children to learn English.  We would like the children to perceive us as their second home rather than merely another learning centre.

Our name depicts our philosophy as "Bright" mean cheerful, shiny and intelligent; "Thinkers" means creative, innovative and important being.  These two words combined shape the backbone of our foremost principle of teaching: To nurture children as "Bright Thinkers"